Comments from Our Clients

There are times when we get direct feedback from folks after they have taken their exams with the Baltimore VE team.  Here are a few of these comments.

[This is a] quick note of thanks and appreciation from me, and budding amateur enthusiasts like me. I understand the effort that it takes to do what you do on behalf of the community - my goal is to pay it forward as I'm able. You run a good ship, finding a nice balance of a formal, yet friendly test administration. I just wanted to acknowledge that. Now I've joined the ranks of folks who need to be a bit reined in by their supportive, yet levelheaded spouses. And really, I won't mind if Santa needs to break out some of the gear in case of a sleigh emergency this year. So long as he tunes the antenna before hitting the Tx button!
Thanks again and Cheers! Mike KC3MNH [December 2, 2018]
Just wanted to thank you and the other members of the Baltimore VE team for the outstanding job you did with the amateur exam session you conducted on Saturday, August 4th. The whole team made me feel comfortable taking the exam.
Thanks for quickly submitting my results to the FCC. I've gone to the ULS and my new callsign has already been assigned: KC3LXI.
I look forward to seeing the team in a few months when I take the General exam.
73, Greg KC3LXI [August 6, 2018]
Thanks very much, I really appreciate you all taking time to help us new folks get in to the hobby.
Ben KC3KSM [February 5, 2018]
I wanted to say thanks again to you and your team of VEs for another great exam session.
73, Marty KC3MRT [February 3, 2018]
Thank you and the team again for hosting today's exam session. It was good to meet you all. Everyone couldn't have been nicer.
I hope to see/hear you on the other side of the moon.
Ed AC3CE (New Amateur Extra) [February 3, 2018]
Thanks again for a great experience. You and your team really have it all together!
Andrea K3YLW [May 6, 2017]
Thank you for all the work you all did in setting up for the exam today, especially on a snowy day.
I am discovering that the world of radio amateurs is filled with very nice people.
Thank you again and 73.
Nancy N1GFV [January 7, 2017]
I wanted to say thanks again to you and your team of VEs for another great exam session.
73, Marty KC3MRT [January 7, 2017]
A GREAT big THANK YOU to you and your team for the time and effort in providing the testing.
I thank both yourself and your team very much, to say I appreciate it doesn't quantify enough how much I do appreciate it....
thank you again,
73, Brent KC3HCU [August 06, 2016]
Thank you to every one for a memorable testing experience :) Thank you again Israel for helping me with my first contact. I have the Icom 27h programed and running now. Had a great time on the Holly net this morning with it . Can't wait to get it up and running in the car. Would you please relay this to the BARC club members.
Charles KC3ANJ [May 7, 2013]

I just would like to personally thank all the members of BARC that assisted with today's exam. I can only speak for myself but all the volunteer examiners were extremely helpful and knowledgable of all content areas. The test was administered without problem and I feel that everyone from your organization deserves a big Thank You for volunteering your time.
Eric KB3ZTY [January 6, 2013]

I wanted to take a second to say thank you to the VEs that administered our test to us; it was a very positive experience. I look forward to seeing you all again real soon to take my general exam.
Brian KB3WCA [June 4, 2011]

I wanted to thank you and all the volunteers over the past couple of months for hosting the test sessions. I appreciate that you take the time out of your weekends for the VE process. You run a tight ship! thanks again,
John KB3VWD [June 4, 2011]

It was a pleasure meeting you and the VE team at the BARC testing facility today.
Even though I only spent a short time there, being among other hams (and hopefully some young - soon to be hams) was an enjoyable experience. I was especially impressed by the huge Wouff-Hong hanging on the wall, although I didn't see the Rettysnitch. <grin>
I want to thank you and all the other VEC Volunteer Examiners for using your valuable time on a beautiful Saturday, to help make my (and I'm sure the others) dream come true today.
73, Rick N3FJZ [March 7, 2009]

Thank you very much. Yesterday's testing went, in my opinion, very smoothly and professionally. Thanks for your efforts.
Regards, Scott KB3OKH [January 2007]

It was a wonderful experience completing the exams today. I truly appreciate all the efforts by the BARC VE team, especially giving me the second chance to do the Extra class test. Please pass my best regards to the team.
I am now eagerly looking forward to getting my US Callsign.
73, Prasad VU2AEA [AB3EH, Nov. 2006]

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